[ bur-pee ]


, Informal.
, burp·i·er, burp·i·est.
  1. belching, tending to belch, or feeling like belching:

    Carbonated beverages make me burpy.

  2. causing one to belch:

    burpy foods.

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Other Words From

  • burpi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of burpy1

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Example Sentences

He and uncle Nate Burpy went up to hear a speech aginst wimmen's suffrage, in a Democrat.

It honestly seems to me as if I never see a human creeter so afflicted as Dorlesky Burpy has been, all her life.

I had brought three errents to him from Jonesville,—one for myself, and two for Dorlesky Burpy.

Josiah believes it, and Dorlesky Burpy, and lots of other Jonesvillians.

Trouble and wrongs and sufferin's seemed to be epidemic in the race of Burpy wimmen.


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More About Burpy

What does burpy mean?

To feel burpy is to feel like you have to burp, especially a lot. To be burpy is to be burping a lot.

Technically speaking, a burp is the often noisy instance of stomach gas being released through the mouth. It often happens after you eat or especially after you drink a bubbly drink like soda. Burp can also be used as a verb meaning to release gas in such a way.

Burpy is a very informal word. It’s typically used to describe the feeling of needing to burp, especially more than usual, or to describe yourself as having this feeling. However, it’s much more common to express this in other ways, such as describing yourself as gassy or just saying that what you ate is making you burp a lot.

Burpy can also be used to describe things that cause you to burp a lot, such as carbonated drinks, but this sense of the word is even less commonly used.

Burpy should not be confused with the noun burpee, which can refer to a kind of exercise or a cloth place over the shoulder when burping a baby (also called a burp cloth).

Example: I always feel super burpy after eating fast food.

Where does burpy come from?

The first records of the word burp come from around 1930. It comes from the imitation of the sound a person makes when they burp. The suffix y makes the word into an adjective and means “inclined to.”

Burps are often considered impolite, especially in front of other people, but like a lot of other bodily functions, they’re also pretty funny. A person loudly burping in an inappropriate situation is a common gag in movies.

Burping is much less funny when it’s a sign of an underlying problem. Being burpy after a big meal is normal, but frequently being excessively burpy can be a sign of digestive or gastrointestinal issues.

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What are some other forms related to burpy?

  • burpiness (noun)

What are some synonyms for burpy?

What are some words that often get used in discussing burpy?

How is burpy used in real life?

Burpy is very informal. It’s more common to say that you’re gassy or that you’re burping a lot.


Try using burpy!

Is the word burpy used correctly in the following sentence?

The baby gets burpy after she takes her bottle, so make sure to burp her afterward.




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