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noun, plural car·bo·na·dos, car·bo·na·does.
  1. a massive, black variety of diamond, found chiefly near São Salvador, Brazil, and formerly used for drilling and other cutting purposes.
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Origin of carbonado1

1850–55; < Portuguese: carbonate


noun, plural car·bo·na·does, car·bo·na·dos.
  1. a piece of meat, fish, etc., scored and broiled.
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verb (used with object), car·bo·na·doed, car·bo·na·do·ing.
  1. to score and broil.
  2. Archaic. to slash; hack.
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Origin of carbonado2

1580–90; < Spanish carbonada, equivalent to carbón charcoal (see carbon) + -ada -ade1
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Historical Examples

  • The pack train was then taken back to near Carbonado for pasture.

    Mount Rainier


  • The rocks from Carbonado to Carbon River crossing are coal bearing.

  • One is called the Carbonado mines, which are on the Carbon River.

  • No man in England durst say so much—I would flay him, carbonado him!

  • Im thinking of saving my money and investing myself in Carbonado stock!

    Out of the Air

    Inez Haynes Irwin

British Dictionary definitions for carbonado


noun plural -does or -dos
  1. a piece of meat, fish, etc, scored and grilled
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verb -dos, -doing or -doed (tr)
  1. to score and grill (meat, fish, etc)
  2. archaic to hack or slash
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Word Origin

C16: from Spanish carbonada, from carbón charcoal; see carbon


noun plural -dos or -does
  1. an inferior dark massive variety of diamond used in industry for polishing and drillingAlso called: black diamond
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Word Origin

Portuguese, literally: carbonated
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