[ kahr-buh-nahr-ee; Italian kahr-baw-nah-ree ]
/ ˌkɑr bəˈnɑr i; Italian ˌkɑr bɔˈnɑ ri /

plural noun, singular Car·bo·na·ro [kahr-buh-nahr-oh; Italian kahr-baw-nah-raw] /ˌkɑr bəˈnɑr oʊ; Italian ˌkɑr bɔˈnɑ rɔ/. European History.

the members of a secret political society in the early part of the 19th century, active in Italy, France, and Spain.

Origin of Carbonari

1815–25; < Italian, plural of carbonaro charcoal burner < Latin carbōnār(ius), equivalent to carbōn- (stem of carbō) charcoal + -ārius -ary


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British Dictionary definitions for carbonaro

/ (ˌkɑːbəˈnɑːrɪ) /

pl n singular -naro (-ˈnɑːrəʊ)

a secret political society with liberal republican aims, originating in S Italy about 1811 and particularly engaged in the struggle for Italian unification

Word Origin for Carbonari

C19: from Italian, plural of carbonaro seller or burner of charcoal, name adopted by the society
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