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[ kash-out ]


  1. Also cashout. a direct cash payment or a cash profit or remainder:

    The store owner lived on a cash-out of fifty dollars a day.

  2. a payment of winnings or a cashing in of chips, as in a casino.

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Example Sentences

Typically in stock sales of hot Silicon Valley companies, insiders cash out.

And they are putting the tools to work, shoveling cash out the door in the form of (lightly taxed until Jan. 1, 2013) dividends.

But in the past decade, this pattern has reversed: candidates cash out before they run for president.

Going public is a way for these firms to generate excess capital to allow partners to cash out or the firm to expand.

The D.C. debt debacle has markets on edge, ready to cash out.

The cost of house and ground, with some additions and improvements, was $2500, all of which was paid in cash out of his savings.

At least fifty dollars in cash out of the work I have done, and the basis of a regular business in what that man has given me.

I may find a tenderfoot to buy that valley tract of mine up in Yuma, and get cash out of that.

The inevitable likin-barrier is at the bridge to squeeze a few more cash out of the poor carriers.

Tom watched them crowding and surging forward, all eager to be first to get their cash out, lest there be not enough for all.


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More About Cash Out

What does cash out mean?

To cash out is to exchange something, such as casino chips or stocks, for money, as in Jorge had to cash out his retirement fund when he lost his job and couldn’t find another.

Cash out is typically used in casinos, which use items such as chips or tokens to represent money you’ve won or paper slips that keep a tally of the money you’ve won. When you’re done gambling, you cash out by exchanging the items or paper slips for money. 

You can also cash out stocks, bonds, and similar investment products. Instead of exchanging chips or paper slips, you’re exchanging your share of ownership in the thing you purchased for the money your ownership represents. 

When referring to an exchange for money, you can also use cash in.

To cash out also means to balance a cash register at the end of a work shift. When you cash out your register, you count all of the money in the register and all of the money spent with credit or debit cards to make sure the sum matches the cost of products sold.

Example: Tanya always cashes out her register by adding the money on a piece of paper.

Where does cash out come from?

The first records of the term cash out come from around the 1970s. It combines cash, meaning “to obtain money for,” and out, meaning “so as to use the last part of,” giving a meaning of “to receive all money and leave.”

When you cash out at a casino, you’ll receive a cash-out or a cashout—the money you’ve won. A cash-out could also be a payment a business owner or worker receives as profit. Typically cash-out is used to describe the money that people receive after paying any taxes on the money.

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What are some other forms related to cash out?

  • cash-out (noun)
  • cashout (noun, verb)

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How is cash out used in real life?

Cash out is a common term used especially in relation to gambling or investing.


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“We should really cash out soon before I lose all of my winnings.”