[ kar-iz-mat-ik ]
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  1. of, having, or characteristic of charisma: His military successes go hand in hand with his charismatic leadership.

  2. (of a species, especially an endangered one) prone to popular appeal and widespread attention: The giant panda and humpback whale are among the charismatic megafauna that attract donors who contribute to environmental causes.

  1. relating to, characterizing, or noting Christians of various denominations who seek an ecstatic religious experience, sometimes including speaking in tongues and instantaneous healing.

  1. a Christian who seeks an ecstatic religious experience: For most charismatics, theology is inseparable from the Bible.

Origin of charismatic

First recorded in 1865–70; from Greek charismat-, stem of chárisma “grace, favor” + -ic English adjective suffix; see origin at charisma, -ic

Other words from charismatic

  • non·char·is·mat·ic, adjective
  • un·char·is·mat·ic, adjective

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