[ chahyld-reer-ing ]
/ ˈtʃaɪldˌrɪər ɪŋ /
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Definition of childrearing

the raising and parenting of children: Childrearing extends beyond simple guardianship to nurturing and guidance.
of or relating to the raising and parenting of children: The majority of childrearing responsibilities are shouldered by female family members.
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Origin of childrearing

1840–45; child + rear2 (in the sense “to take care of to maturity”) + -ing1
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What does childrearing mean?

Childrearing is the raising or parenting of a child or children.

The verb rear means to take care of, support, and raise until maturity. To rear children is to raise them. The word rearing can be used as a noun, as in the rearing of livestock. 

Childrearing refers to the overall process and effort involved with raising children, including the basics, like feeding them and keeping them healthy, as well as other aspects of nurturing them and teaching them how to behave.

Childrearing can also be used as an adjective describing such activities, as in When my wife travels for work, I have to take care of all the childrearing responsibilities.

The term childrearing can sound somewhat old-fashioned. It’s much more common to say raising children or raising kids or parenting.

Example: They say that childrearing is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Where does childrearing come from?

The first records of the word childrearing come from the 1840s. The first records of the word rear as a verb meaning “to take care of” come from before 900. It comes from the Old English rǣran, meaning “to raise.”

When it comes to raising their kids, parents have different approaches to childrearing. But parents aren’t the only ones who perform childrearing—it’s the responsibility of anyone who’s raising a child, whether they’re a grandparent or other guardian. Older siblings are often involved in childrearing, too.

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What are some other forms related to childrearing?

  • child-rearing (alternate spelling)
  • child rearing (alternate spelling)

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How is childrearing used in real life?

Childrearing is more formal than terms like raising kids and parenting.



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For new parents, childrearing responsibilities can be overwhelming.

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