[ si-treen, -trahyn, -trin, si-treen ]
/ ˈsɪ trin, -traɪn, -trɪn, sɪˈtrin /
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pale-yellow; lemon-colored.
a translucent, yellow variety of quartz, often sold as topaz; false topaz; topaz quartz.


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Origin of citrine

1350–1400; Middle English <Anglo-French; see citrus, -ine1
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What does citrine mean?

Citrine is a translucent yellow gemstone.

It is a variety of quartz. Its color can vary from pale yellow to almost brown.

Citrine is considered a semiprecious gem, which is a label assigned to some gemstones that have a lesser value than those considered precious.

Because it can have a similar coloring, citrine is sometimes confused with yellow topaz, a similar but more expensive gemstone. For this reason, citrine is sometimes known as false topaz or topaz quartz. (Citrine is sometimes falsely sold as topaz.)

Along with topaz, citrine is one of the birthstones for the month of November. It is also considered a traditional gift for a 13th wedding anniversary (at least among the people who make up these things).

The word citrine is also used to refer to a pale shade of yellow.

Example: I got a bracelet with a dangling citrine for my birthday.

Where does citrine come from?

The first records of the word citrine come from the 1300s. It’s related to the word citrus.

Citrine is a variety of silica mineral quartz. Its coloring is due to small amounts of iron oxide.

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How is citrine used in real life?

Citrine is commonly confused with topaz. Some people know it as the birthstone for the month of November.



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Citrine is also sometimes known as false topaz. 

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British Dictionary definitions for citrine

/ (ˈsɪtrɪn) /

a brownish-yellow variety of quartz: a gemstone; false topaz
  1. the yellow colour of a lemon
  2. (as modifier)citrine hair
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Scientific definitions for citrine

[ sĭ-trēn, sĭtrēn′ ]

A pale-yellow variety of crystalline quartz resembling topaz. The coloring is caused by the presence of a small amount of iron in the crystal structure.
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