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or close·up

[ klohs-uhp ]


  1. a photograph taken at close range or with a long focal-length lens, on a relatively large scale.
  2. Also called close shot. Movies, Television. a camera shot taken at a very short distance from the subject, to permit a close and detailed view of an object or action. Compare long shot ( def 3 ), medium shot.
  3. an intimate view or presentation of anything.


  1. of or resembling a close-up.
  2. intimate or detailed; close-in.


/ ˈkləʊsˌʌp /


  1. a photograph or film or television shot taken at close range
  2. a detailed or intimate view or examination

    a close-up of modern society


  1. to shut entirely
  2. intr to draw together

    the ranks closed up

  3. intr (of wounds) to heal completely

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Word History and Origins

Origin of close-up1

An Americanism first recorded in 1910–15; noun use of adverbial phrase close up

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Idioms and Phrases

Also, close up shop . Stop doing business, temporarily or permanently; also, stop working. For example, The bank is closing up all its overseas branches , or That's enough work for one day—I'm closing up shop and going home . [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

It remains unclear whether Qatari authorities intervened or the organizers decided to close up shop because of media attention.

Reports began trickling out in the press this week that GOProud had decided to close up shop.

The video starts with a close up of Avril, who chants a couple of Japanese phrases with wide, black-lined badger eyes.

For a man who just filmed a close up of a real-life horror film, he seems virtually emotionless.

Jacobs leaked a photo to Instagram, which featued a shadowed close-up of Lange's gorgeous face.

We stumbled along, close up, for the thick-piled clouds still hung their light-obscuring banners over the sky.

You could not see the water till you got close up, and at a distance only the rows of gas jets were apparent.

The inner tube has an internal flanch, to which a flat circular plate is screwed to close up the tube.

The revelation was made soon after tea, when she sidled close up to him as they paced slowly along the sea-front in the dusk.

When they saw the Federals had halted, they also halted, taking time to close up, and that was just what Lawrence wanted.


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