noun Informal.

money in small amounts.
rights; claims: I have dibs on the car when Jimmy brings it back.

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Origin of dibs

1720–30; shortening of earlier dibstones a children's game; see dib



verb (used without object), dibbed, dib·bing.

to fish by letting the bait bob lightly on the water.

Origin of dib

1600–10; expressive word akin to dab1, dip1, bob1, etc.

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pl n

another word for jacks
a slang word for money
(foll by on) informal rights (to) or claims (on): used mainly by children

Word Origin for dibs

C18: shortened from dibstones children's game played with knucklebones or pebbles, probably from dib to tap, dip, variant of dab 1


verb dibs, dibbing or dibbed

(intr) to fish by allowing the bait to bob and dip on the surface

Word Origin for dib

C17: perhaps alteration of dab 1

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see have dibs on.

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