/ (dɪˈmɪnɪʃt) /
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Definition of diminished

reduced or lessened; made smaller
music denoting any minor or perfect interval reduced by a semitone
music denoting a triad consisting of the root plus a minor third and a diminished fifth
music (postpositive) (esp in jazz or pop music) denoting a diminished seventh chord having as its root the note specifiedB diminished
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What does diminished mean?

Diminished is an adjective that means made or having become smaller, fewer, or less.

Close synonyms are reduced, decreased, and lessened. A diminished interest is one that has lessened. Diminished quality means decreased quality. In law, the term diminished responsibility is used in the context of pleas that admit wrongdoing but argue that the responsibility for it is reduced due to some form of mental impairment.

It comes from the past tense of the verb diminish, which most generally means to make or become smaller, fewer, or less. It can also mean to make something less significant or seem less significant.

Diminished is also used in more specific ways in the context of music.

Example: My diminished interest in sports is mostly due to my increased passion for other hobbies.

Where does diminished come from?

The word diminished has been used as an adjective since at least the 1400s. The verb diminish comes from a blend of the Anglo-French-derived term diminuen, meaning “to lessen” (from Latin verb dēminuere, “to make smaller”), and the archaic word minish, which means the same thing as diminish.

When used as an adjective, diminished often (though not always) implies that something has been reduced in a way that makes it worse. For example, a diminished role is a position that has been reduced in authority or responsibility in some way. A diminished reputation is one that has suffered in some way—meaning that people now think less of the person.

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How is diminished used in real life?

Diminished is often (but not always) used in a negative way to imply that something has gotten worse.



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