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[ dis-awr-ee-en-tid, -ohr- ]


  1. confused as to time or place; out of touch:

    therapy for disoriented patients.

    Synonyms: unhinged, unstable, distracted

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Example Sentences

The Hoshinoya Tokyo hotel has a deep-breathing spa regimen for people who arrive in Japan feeling a little disoriented.

That’s the day Biles became so disoriented on her vault that she couldn’t risk competing in the team finals.

I laid down again today after breakfast and managed to doze a bit and woke up totally disoriented.

As I found out later, he’d suffered a head injury while skiing at Colorado’s Eldora Mountain Resort, was completely confused and disoriented, and was trying to reach me.

He was disoriented, likely due to exhaustion and mild dehydration.

As he tried to make his way through a crowd of mourners late last month, he looked preoccupied and even disoriented.

I was tired, my eyes burning from the road and kind of disoriented.

His family believes he may be disoriented from a head injury he sustained last month, according to his sister.

Police believe that at the second location, Graham became disoriented, walking alone as she traveled northeast.

Perry blamed his poor performance in 2012 on recent back surgery, and painkillers that made him seem disoriented.

Madeleine felt strangely disoriented, as though dreaming with delirious fever.

Unable to feed himself or dress without assistance; totally disoriented.

A stenogram of February 10, 1907, shows him to have acquired some grandiose ideas and to be still disoriented to a large extent.

Without this he would have been a pitiful figure, disoriented, and inharmonious with the world into which he was born.

It was normally an instantaneous reaction to meeting someone, but I was still disoriented.


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