or DM

nounplural dms, dm's.
  1. a direct message sent to one or more users of a social media service or private messaging service, usually when the accounts involved have an established relationship, as when the recipient is linked to, friends with, or following the sender on a social media platform: He sent me a scary and abusive dm, so I reported the message and blocked his account.

verb (used with object)dm'd or dmed, dm'ing, or dming.
  1. to send a direct message to (another user of such a service).

Origin of dm

First recorded in 2005–10; d(irect) m(essage)
  • Compare pm.

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  1. decimeter; decimeters.

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How to use dm in a sentence

  • Large and very tall trees; bark of young trees tight, beginning to scale when the trees reach 1-2 dm.

    Trees of Indiana | Charles Clemon Deam
  • Hollow sycamore logs were commonly used by the pioneers in which to smoke their meat, and sections of hollow logs about 12 dm.

    Trees of Indiana | Charles Clemon Deam
  • Large trees with deeply furrowed bark; twigs smooth, greenish gray and often covered with a bloom; leaves generally 2-3.5 dm.

    Trees of Indiana | Charles Clemon Deam
  • Our collections, all of which were made in 1959, are identified by the letters dm followed by a station-number.

  • Large trees of this species in Indiana are usually from 4-6 dm.

    Trees of Indiana | Charles Clemon Deam

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symbol for
  1. decimetre

British Dictionary definitions for dm (2 of 3)


the internet domain name for
  1. Dominica

British Dictionary definitions for DM (3 of 3)


abbreviation for
  1. (in Canada) deputy minister

  2. (the former) Deutschmark

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