[ druh-mat-ik-lee ]
/ drəˈmæt ɪk li /
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in a way that relates to plays or the theater; in or as a play: The author's choice of words may imply that his text is to be read aloud or acted out dramatically.
in a way characteristic of or appropriate to the theater, especially in involving conflict, intense emotion, or exaggerated speech or action: The speaker was quite a showman, first crouching behind the lectern, then rising up dramatically to demonstrate the rapid progress of some nations.
in a way that is typical of a play in form or structure: The film is dramatically structured—not in its narrative form, but in the way it focuses on the faces, bodies, and voices of specific performers.
in a striking way; with a striking effect or to a striking degree: During Hurricane Sandy, mobile internet usage spiked dramatically as people went online to get answers.Her dark hat and scarf dramatically set off her pale and delicate features.
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What does dramatically mean?

Dramatically means done in a striking or theatrical way, as if acting.

When used literally, dramatically is used when someone does something for the sake of a performance, as in a play. Drama describes the art of writing or producing a play, and something that is done dramatically is done in an effort to further that play.

More often, the term dramatically is used figuratively to describe someone being overly flamboyant or petty. Someone who is acting dramatically may display their emotions for the sake of seeking attention or may respond in an argument with undue levels of anger or harshness.

Example: The kids always act dramatically when I say we can’t have pizza for dinner.

Where does dramatically come from?

The first records of the term dramatically come from around 1650. It combines the term dramatic, meaning “of or relating to drama,” the suffix al, which means “having the character of,” and the suffix ly, which forms adverbs from adjectives.

Dramatically can also be used to describe an action or event. For example, if a business’s value suddenly rises to a high amount, you could say its value rose dramatically. Just as something done dramatically in a play is supposed to advance the plot, something done dramatically elsewhere may attempt to quickly raise or advance something, such as wealth, power, or mood.

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What are some other forms related to dramatically?

  • nondramatically (adverb)
  • overdramatically (adverb)
  • semidramatically (adverb)
  • undramatically (adverb)

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How is dramatically used in real life?

Dramatically will often be used by someone who is criticizing someone else for being dramatic or by someone who is analyzing a trend that changes in a big way.


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Shouting dramatically will not get you out of doing the dishes, Marshall.

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