[ ee-neyt ]
/ ˈi neɪt /


a person related on one's mother's side.Compare agnate, cognate.


Also e·nat·ic [ee-nat-ik] /iˈnæt ɪk/. related on one's mother's side.

Origin of enate

< Latin ēnātus, past participle of ēnāscī to issue forth, be born
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British Dictionary definitions for enate

/ (ˈiːneɪt) /

adjective Also: enatic (iːˈnætɪk)

biology growing out or outwards
related on the side of the mother


a relative on the mother's side

Word Origin for enate

C17: from Latin ēnātus, from ēnāscī to be born from, from nāscī to be born
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