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[ en-klohz ]

verb (used with object)

, en·closed, en·clos·ing.
  1. to shut or hem in; close in on all sides:

    a valley enclosed by tall mountains.

    Synonyms: girdle, ring, encompass, encircle

  2. to surround, as with a fence or wall:

    to enclose land.

    Synonyms: girdle, ring, encompass, encircle

  3. to insert in the same envelope, package, or the like:

    He enclosed a check.

    A book was sent with the bill enclosed.

  4. to hold or contain:

    His letter enclosed a check.

  5. Roman Catholic Church.
    1. to restrict to the enclosure of a monastery or convent.
    2. (of a monastery, convent, church, etc.) to establish or fix the boundary of an enclosure.


/ ɪnˈkləʊz /


  1. to close; hem in; surround
  2. to surround (land) with or as if with a fence
  3. to put in an envelope or wrapper, esp together with a letter
  4. to contain or hold

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Derived Forms

  • enˈclosable, adjective
  • enˈcloser, noun

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Other Words From

  • en·clos·a·ble adjective
  • en·clos·er noun
  • pre·en·close verb (used with object) preenclosed preenclosing
  • re·en·close verb (used with object) reenclosed reenclosing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of enclose1

First recorded in 1275–1325, enclose is from the Middle English word enclosen, inclosen. See in- 1, close

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Example Sentences

She told ProPublica and the Tribune in a telephone interview that officers encouraged detainees to sign up for anti-anxiety pills because they oversee the dispensing of medication at night and have access to an enclosed off-camera area.

Human bones were found buried beneath these platforms and in the walls, including a stillborn foetus enclosed in a brick.

You wanted to figure out the shape that enclosed the largest area possible.

Both Perry and Mynchenberg stress that enclosed areas, like a dog park or fenced-in yard, are most ideal for off-leash sessions.

In a Tuesday statement, the labor ministry said masks would need to become de rigueur in companies’ enclosed and shared spaces, except where there is just one person working alone.

From Fortune

The foundational concepts of philosophy enclose the logos, and reason, within a sort of 'closure.'

This might have inspired Wright to enclose part of his Anna Karenina inside a theater, as if a Chekhov play is being mounted.

Tall iron gates between the arches enclose the graves, which are marked with massive sarcophagi of Scotch granite.

If the enquiry refers to matters interesting only to yourself, enclose a postage-stamp for the reply.

Enclose the invitation in a white envelope, and tie it with white satin ribbon.

How shall we enclose the power of such majesty in one dwelling-place?

The tire on its steel core is taken to the mold room and placed in a steel box or mold, shaped to exactly enclose it.