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[ en-sleyv ]

verb (used with object)

, en·slaved, en·slav·ing.
  1. to make a slave of; hold (someone) in slavery or bondage:

    Spartacus was enslaved by the Romans, fought as a gladiator, and later led an insurrection in 73 B.C.

    Synonyms: dominate, control, shackle, enchain

    Antonyms: release, liberate, free


/ ɪnˈsleɪv /


  1. tr to make a slave of; reduce to slavery; subjugate

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Derived Forms

  • enˈslaver, noun
  • enˈslavement, noun
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Other Words From

  • en·slave·ment noun
  • en·slav·er noun
  • re·en·slave verb (used with object) reenslaved reenslaving
  • re·en·slave·ment noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of enslave1

First recorded in 1635–45; en- 1 + slave
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Example Sentences

During the 246 years of enslavement, it was illegal to teach enslaved people to read.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore became one of the latest to address the issue last year when it revealed that its namesake benefactor had enslaved people.

On Christmas Day, 1831, the Baptist deacon Samuel Sharpe organized a strike on the Jamaica sugar plantation where he was enslaved.

From Time

A young enslaved man with special powers escapes from a Virginia plantation.

She said the nonprofit is indebted to its volunteers, who have mapped Baltimore’s trade of enslaved people and helped honor the city’s LGBTQ community, among other initiatives.

I would enslave them even more and liberate men so they would start behaving like men again.

And of course, the effect of these measures was to re-enslave African Americans in everything but name.

Once you enslave a computer to do what you want, you disable it for real love.

It is a vast conspiracy that is working tirelessly to build a Matriarchy to enslave men.

We want to connect the world to their creator through the book of Allah and UNO want to enslave the world to few evil creatures.

In the first place, I am an Anarchist: I do not believe in man-made law, designed to enslave and oppress humanity.

Unprincipled men, alike in Church and State, made use of their position and power to gain their own ends and enslave the people.

Such are the artifices which the ministers of religion every where employ to enslave the earth and to retain it under the yoke.

Among the more powerful enemies of della Rocca was Andrea Gambacorti, whose family was soon to enslave the city.

We need connection with other minds to excite our own, not to enslave them.