[ en-tahys-muhnt ]
/ ɛnˈtaɪs mənt /
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Definition of enticement

the act or practice of enticing, especially to evil.
the state of being enticed.
something that entices; allurement.
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Origin of enticement

1275–1325; Middle English <Old French; see entice, -ment
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What does enticement mean?

Enticement is the act of enticing—attracting, alluring, or tempting someone to do something, especially something wrong or something they shouldn’t.

Enticement can also refer to the state of being enticed. Less commonly, enticement can refer to something that entices, as in The gift shop is filled with enticements. 

Enticement is sometimes confused with the word incitement, which means the act of encouraging, urging, prompting, or provoking someone to do something, especially something bad. Incitement is usually more aggressive and direct than enticement.

Example: The salary increase was tempting, but to be honest, no amount of enticement could have gotten me to take that job—it just wasn’t for me.

Where does enticement come from?

The first records of enticement come from around 1300. The base word, entice, is recorded earlier, in the 1200s. It comes from the Vulgar Latin verb intitiāre, which means “to incite” and derives from the Latin titiō, “piece of burning wood.”

Fittingly, the scent, sound, and warm glow of a crackling fire are an enticement to come closer to it—but getting too close could be harmful. The word seduction can mean something similar, but even more strongly implies that such a thing is tempting us to do the wrong thing. Enticement can also lead to doing good things, however, as in I was convinced to join the program through the enticement of several professors.

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Enticement often involves persuading people to do things they shouldn’t, but this isn’t always the case.



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