[ fat-nis ]
/ ˈfæt nɪs /
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the state or condition of being fat; obesity; corpulence.
richness; fertility; abundance: the fatness of the land.
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Origin of fatness

before 1000; Middle English fatnesse,Old English fǣtnes.See fat, -ness
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What does fatness mean?

Fatness is a word for the state or condition of being or being considered obese or overweight.

The word fat is most often used in a critical, judgmental, or mean way, and the same is often true of fatness. In contrast, the synonym obesity is more often used in a neutral way, such as in a medical context in the discussion of a person’s health (though it too can be used in a judgmental or mean way).

Fatness isn’t always used in a negative way. Some people might refer to others’ or their own fatness in a way that’s not intended to be critical, as in I don’t have to apologize for my fatness. 

Example: As a society, we tend to value skinny bodies and shame fatness.  

Where does fatness come from?

The first records of the word fatness come from before the year 1000. The base word, fat, comes from the Old English verb fǣtan, meaning “to cram” or “to load.” The suffix -ness indicates a state or condition.

The word fatness can also be used in a figurative way to refer to richness, fertility, or abundance, especially in the phrase the fatness of the land.

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  • fat (adjective, noun)

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How is fatness used in real life?

The word fatness is offensive when it’s used in a mean or judgmental way.



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