[ fiz-ee ]
/ ˈfɪz i /
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adjective, fizz·i·er, fizz·i·est.
bubbly; fizzing.
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Origin of fizzy

First recorded in 1850–55; fizz + -y1

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What does fizzy mean?

Fizzy is used to describe things that have a lot of fizz—a bubbliness or bubbly quality, like the kind in a carbonated drink. A much more formal word for fizzy is effervescent.

Fizz can also refer to the kind of hissing sound that such bubbliness makes. Fizzy can be used to describe this sound or the thing making it.

A fizzy drink that has lost its fizziness is often described as flat.

Example: Someone must have shaken up this soda bottle—look how fizzy it is inside!

Where does fizzy come from?

The first records of the word fizzy come from the 1850s. It’s an adjective form of the word fizz, which is first recorded in the 1600s. Fizz is a shortening of the word fizzle, which comes from the Old Norse fīsa, meaning “to break wind.” It’s an example of onomatopoeia, which involves the formation of words in imitation of the sounds made by the things they refer to. Some synonyms of fizz are also examples of onomatopoeia, such as hiss and buzz.

Things can be fizzy for different reasons. It’s commonly due to carbonation, which involves the addition of carbon dioxide or carbonic acid to produce those lovely little bubbles that pop and fizz. Fizzy drinks aren’t the only things that cause fizzy sounds—dripping water into a fire or a hot pan will result in fizzy noises as the water turns into steam.

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What are some other forms related to fizzy?

  • fizzier (comparative adjective)
  • fizziest (superlative adjective)
  • fizziness (noun)
  • fizz (noun)

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How is fizzy used in real life?

Fizzy is an informal word. It’s especially associated with carbonated drinks.


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A. buzzy
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C. flat
D. bubbly

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