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[ fawr-see ]

verb (used with object)

, fore·saw, fore·seen, fore·see·ing.
  1. to have prescience of; to know in advance; foreknow.

    Synonyms: discern, divine

  2. to see beforehand.

verb (used without object)

, fore·saw, fore·seen, fore·see·ing.
  1. to exercise foresight.


/ fɔːˈsiː /


  1. tr; may take a clause as object to see or know beforehand

    he did not foresee that

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Derived Forms

  • foreˈseeable, adjective
  • foreˈseer, noun

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Other Words From

  • fore·see·a·ble adjective
  • fore·se·er noun
  • un·fore·see·ing adjective
  • un·fore·seen adjective
  • well-fore·seen adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of foresee1

First recorded before 900; Middle English; Old English foresēon. See fore-, see 1

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Synonym Study

See predict.

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Example Sentences

Every scientist knows they can’t possibly foresee all possible instances or situations in which they could be proven wrong, no matter how strong their data.

While few foresaw his initial win, even fewer predicted what this highly unusual president would do in office.

From Ozy

They foresee 24 named storms in total, 12 of which could be hurricanes, including five major ones.

There was absolutely no way to foresee that the discovery of radioactivity, or the atomic nucleus, or even the neutron would eventually enable the construction of a weapon of mass destruction.

You can also utilize the power of predictive analytics which uses historical data and machine learning to foresee your brand’s future performance.

There is no way to foresee a future that still hides in turmoil.

What he could not foresee was that a half century later Freedom Summer would not be ancient history.

“At present, few scientists foresee any serious or practical use for atomic energy,” an article read.

Other lodging options that remain open outside the closed parks foresee a harder hit.

Our brains can foresee that if we let natural selection take its course then it could be disastrous in the long run.

But no one in Spain and few in Manila as yet could foresee how the fulfilment of the Agreement would be bungled.

But it was less easy to foresee that William would be the chief and indeed almost the only object of their indignation.

Am I suddenly to obtain some post, and do people know it, or foresee it, because they forestall me and bow to me first?

Max Bray arranged all future matters to his entire satisfaction, but again there were contingencies that he could not foresee.

I could foresee a catastrophe which would for ever unsettle the two towns, and give the valley an unenviable reputation.


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More About Foresee

What does foresee mean?

To foresee is to know in advance, as in With all the rain we’ve been having, it was easy to foresee that the river would overflow its banks.

Foresee is different from predict or forecast because to foresee is to know, while to predict or forecast is to guess or calculate rather than to know. Sometimes, though, foresee is used as a synonym for predict to exaggerate one’s confidence in a prediction.

Example: I can foresee where this is going and I want no part of it.

Where does foresee come from?

The first records of the term foresee come from before the 900s. It ultimately comes from the Old English foresēon.

Foresight is commonly used as a synonym for care or understanding to imply that someone knows the best course of action to follow in a certain situation. Someone that foresees something has this care for, or understanding of, what is to come and can plan accordingly for it.

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How is foresee used in real life?

People often claim to have foreseen something after it happens.


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Amita didn’t know she would be promoted because she foresaw it.