[ froo-mee-uhs ]
/ ˈfru mi əs /
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very angry.
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Origin of frumious

Coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass (1871), a blend, Carroll claimed, of fuming and furious
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What does frumious mean?

Frumious means very angry, as in My mom was frumious that I skipped school today.

Frumious was coined by author Lewis Carroll for his children’s novel Through the Looking-Glass. It appears in the poem “Jabberwocky,” which is part of the novel.

In the poem, the narrator warns his son to “shun / The frumious Bandersnatch,” a violent and enraged creature.

Frumious is mostly used as Carroll intended, often in a playful rather than serious way.

Example: I am absolutely frumious that they left that movie on a cliffhanger.

Where does frumious come from?

The first records of the term frumious come from the late 1800s. It was coined by Lewis Carroll for his novel Through the Looking-Glass, who said it was a combination of fuming and furious.

Frumious Bandersnatch is the name of an American rock-’n’-roll band from the 1960s, known for its psychedelic music and allusions to famous works of literature, such as Through the Looking-Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, both by Carroll. Some of the band’s most popular compositions include “Chesire” and “Woodrose Syrup.”

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How is frumious used in real life?

Frumious is primarily used playfully in casual speech.


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Is frumious used correctly in the following sentence?

Ishir was so frumious about Jadzia’s promotion that he threw her a party.