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[ fool-fil-ing ]


  1. satisfying or rewarding, especially by meeting the emotional need for meaning, challenge, growth, success, etc.:

    The young graduates were looking forward to the adventure of growing personally, gaining new skills, and embarking on a fulfilling career.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fulfilling1

First recorded in 1300–50; fulfill ( def ) + -ing 2( def )

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Example Sentences

Earlier, however, Grassley was maskless as he fulfilled his usual duties as president pro tempore, gaveling the Senate to order and leading the Pledge from the rostrum, perched just above the seats of several clerks.

The school board and its attorneys would ultimately have to decide if a case could be made that Beiser was not fulfilling his duties, Cate said.

Nana has created a new, scalable approach to giving people the agency, tools and support systems they need to build new skills and pursue fulfilling work opportunities.

On the mountain’s western slope, exhausted but fulfilled, we stopped by a lakeside hut to refill our water bottles and rest in the chilly twilight.

Now, if Data doesn’t feel pain, at least one of the reasons Singer offers for giving a creature moral standing is not fulfilled.

Back in New York, the slow pace and inward focus of her yoga practice was less fulfilling.

Christie has a lot riding on fulfilling his promise of shepherding Atlantic City into a third boom era.

“Instead of me fulfilling my prophecy,” he said, “I have to start one,” and that was a lot of pressure.

When I attended Hunter, I was Eleanor Roeloffs fulfilling the language and math courses required at the time.

He toiled without money to do that, but for him it had been an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

None, however, on that account, can excuse himself for not coming under and fulfilling a good obligation.

Luckily, the time fixed for the revolution passed over, without the populace fulfilling its threats.

And those good works include the keeping of the covenant, by Covenanting and fulfilling the engagements made.

Such a face, rugged though it was and far from fulfilling the promise held out to him in his dreams, could not but move any man.

Indeed, mademoiselle, I thought of little beyond fulfilling the oath I had taken, and to go my way again as quickly as possible.


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More About Fulfilling

What does fulfilling mean?

Fulfilling means providing or resulting in satisfaction or contentment.

A job is fulfilling when it allows a person to fully use their talents and work on projects that they enjoy and that they find meaning in. A relationship is fulfilling for someone when it brings them happiness and a deep connection.

Fulfilling is also the continuous tense (-ing form) of the verb fulfill, meaning “to satisfy” or “to bring about” (which is how it’s used in the term self-fulfilling, as in self-fulfilling prophecy).

Something that’s fulfilling leads to fulfillment—a state of satisfaction or contentment. Someone who feels this way can be described as fulfilled.

Example: My trip across Europe has been so fulfilling—I’ve learned new languages and new cultures, and, most importantly, I’ve learned new things about myself.

Where does fulfilling come from?

The first records of the verb fulfill come from before 1000. The adjective form fulfilling is first recorded later. It ultimately comes from the Old English fulfyllan. Just as it sounds, the roots of the word fulfill are the words full and fill.

Something that’s fulfilling fills you up—it makes you full of contentment or satisfaction. Tasks and hobbies that are fulfilling are worth doing because of what you get out of them. When things aren’t fulfilling, it means they don’t give you much in return. A job might not be fulfilling if it doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing something useful or at least learning something from it.

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How is fulfilling used in real life?

Fulfilling is typically used in a positive way. It’s especially used in the context of careers, relationships, and hobbies.



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I find woodworking so fulfilling because it’s relaxing and I can make things that last.