the runic alphabet.

Also fu·tharc, fu·thorc, fu·thork [foo-thawrk] /ˈfu θɔrk/.

Origin of futhark

1850–55; so called from first six letters of Old English and Scand runic alphabet: f, u, th, a(or o), r, k (modeled on alphabet)
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British Dictionary definitions for futhorc


futharc futhorc or futhork (ˈfuːθɔːk)


a phonetic alphabet consisting of runes

Word Origin for futhark

C19: from the first six letters: f, u, th, a, r, k; compare alphabet
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Word Origin and History for futhorc

1851, historians' name for the Germanic runic alphabet; so called from its first six letters, on the model of alphabet.

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