go overboard

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Show excessive enthusiasm, act in an excessive way. For example, It's easy to go overboard with a new stock offering, or She really went overboard, hiring the most expensive caterer. [Mid-1900s]

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What does go overboard mean?

Go overboard is a phrase that means to show excessive enthusiasm or to do something excessively.

Go overboard can express that someone shows too much enthusiasm, as in I tend to go overboard when I cook and make too much food.

Go overboard can also be used more generally to refer to someone going to an extreme when they do something, as in Shira really went overboard with this birthday party by hiring twenty clowns!

Example: The science teacher went so overboard with her explanation of molecules that the entire class was confused.

Where does go overboard come from?

The first records of go overboard come from around 1931. Its literal meaning refers to falling over the side of a ship, especially into the water. The figurative meaning likely comes from this literal meaning.

Go overboard is typically used to mean that a person is doing something that is unnecessary or goes too far in whatever they are doing. You might be warned not to go overboard to avoid this, such as when there is a tight budget or short deadline.

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How is go overboard used in real life?

Go overboard is a common phrase that describes a situation in which a person does too much or goes too far.

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Please don’t go overboard by spending too much money on the gift.

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