or hard·wired

[hahrd-wahyuh rd]
  1. Computers.
    1. built into a computer's hardware and thus not readily changed.
    2. (of a terminal) connected to a computer by a direct circuit rather than through a switching network.
  2. (of electrical or electronic components) connected by hardwiring.
  3. pertaining to or being an intrinsic and relatively unmodifiable behavior pattern: Every cricket has a hard-wired pattern of chirps.

Origin of hard-wired

First recorded in 1970–75
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  1. (of a circuit or instruction) permanently wired into a computer, replacing separate software
  2. (of human behaviour) innate; not learnedhumans have a hard-wired ability for acquiring language
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also hardwired, 1969, in computing; transferred to human brains from 1971; from hard + wired.

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hardwired in Culture


In computer jargon, a circuit is hardwired if it is built to perform a specific function and requires no outside instructions or program.


“Hardwired” is often used loosely to refer to functions that are innate and unlearned in living systems: “The ability to perceive objects in a certain way appears to be hardwired into the brains of mammals.”
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