1. a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “under” (hypostasis); on this model used, especially as opposed to hyper-, in the formation of compound words (hypothyroid).
Also especially before a vowel, hyp-.

Origin of hypo-

< Greek, combining form of hypó under (preposition), below (adv.); cognate with Latin sub (see sub-); cf. up
Can be confusedhyper- hypo-
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British Dictionary definitions for hypo-


before a vowel hyp-

  1. under, beneath, or belowhypodermic
  2. lower; at a lower pointhypogastrium
  3. less thanhypoploid
  4. (in medicine) denoting a deficiency or an abnormally low levelhypothyroid; hypoglycaemia
  5. incomplete or partialhypoplasia
  6. indicating that a chemical compound contains an element in a lower oxidation state than usualhypochlorous acid

Word Origin for hypo-

from Greek, from hupo under


  1. indicating a plagal mode in musicHypodorian

Word Origin for Hypo-

from Greek: beneath (it lies a fourth below the corresponding authentic mode)
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Word Origin and History for hypo-

word-forming element meaning "under, beneath" (in chemistry, indicating a lesser oxidation), from hypo-, comb. form of Greek hypo (prep. and adverb) "under," from PIE *upo- "under, up from under, over" (see sub-).

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hypo- in Medicine


  1. Below; beneath; under:hypochondriac.
  2. Less than normal; deficient:hypofunction.
  3. In the lowest state of oxidation:hypoxanthine.
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hypo- in Science


  1. A prefix that means “beneath“ or “below,” as in hypodermic, below the skin. It also means “less than normal,” especially in medical terms like hypoglycemia. In the names of chemical compounds, it means “at the lowest state of oxidation,” as in sodium hypochlorite.
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