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[ im-priz-uhn-muhnt ]


  1. the act of confining in or as if in a prison; the state of being so confined:

    Identity theft and computer fraud are criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment.

    Winter up there means cumbersome living and imprisonment in an icy hell.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of imprisonment1

First recorded in 1250–1300; from Old French emprisonnement, equivalent to imprison ( def ) + -ment ( def )

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Example Sentences

As Reuters broke the news about Kushner's nomination, the news organization was elsewhere reporting on a coup in Myanmar, during which the country's elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, was imprisoned by the military.

Likewise, I would argue that we are imprisoned within our own cosmos of meaning.

If found guilty, he could be imprisoned for up to ten years.

From Time

Impact of “fake news” anti-press rhetoricIn 2020, Egypt led countries in imprisoning journalists on false news charges in 2020.

From Fortune

They were permitted to marry while imprisoned, the only time they glimpsed each other.

It is literally illegal to be gay, and so to self-identify is to risk imprisonment.

She has been threatened with disbarment, imprisonment, and worse.

Firing one will earn you a minimum of three years in jail and possible life imprisonment.

Liu, a Chinese democracy activist, was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment in 2009.

Local officials are already calling for Pennsylvania to examine its laws, which allow imprisonment for nonpayment of fines.

About this time the famous Philippine painter, Juan Luna (vide p. 195), was released after six monthsʼ imprisonment as a suspect.

He was well set in the form of a man now, the months since his imprisonment having brought him much to fasten upon and hold.

Sentence of fine and imprisonment passed upon lord Bacon in the house of peers for bribery.

He almost felt the old sense of imprisonment, of aching nostalgia, of having lost his liberty.

Form of imprisonment varies, but the ‘rescue’ is most generally found in company with the tournament.


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