[ in-op-er-toon, -tyoon ]
/ ɪnˌɒp ərˈtun, -ˈtyun /
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not opportune; inappropriate; inconvenient; untimely or unseasonable: an inopportune visit.



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Origin of inopportune

From the Late Latin word inopportūnus, dating back to 1525–35. See in-3, opportune

OTHER WORDS FROM inopportune

in·op·por·tune·ly, adverbin·op·por·tune·ness, in·op·por·tu·ni·ty, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021


What does inopportune mean?

Inopportune means inappropriate, unfavorable, or unsuitable for a particular situation or occasion.

It can also mean coming at the wrong time. The terms untimely and poorly-timed mean the same thing.

Inopportune is especially used in the phrases inopportune moment and inopportune time, meaning the moment that’s least suitable or favorable (for something to happen or be done).

Inopportune is the opposite is opportune, which means appropriate, favorable, or suitable for a particular situation or occasion. It can also mean coming at the right time—timely or well-timed.

Example: The audit was very inopportune—it came at the worst possible time.

Where does inopportune come from?

The first records of the word inopportune come from around 1530. It comes from the Latin inopportūnus. Opportune is first recorded earlier, around 1400, and comes from the Latin opportūnus, meaning “convenient.” The port in opportūnus referred to a seaport—the word originally meant “coming to the harbor and obtaining timely protection.” The prefix in- means “not.”

The word opportunity is based on the same root. The best opportunities come at an opportune time—the time when they can be taken advantage of. An inopportune time is one that’s inconvenient. Inopportunity is a word—it refers to the state or quality of being inopportune, as in I can’t believe the inopportunity of your unannounced visit—can’t you see I already have company?

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What are some other forms related to inopportune?

  • inopportunely (adverb)
  • inopportuneness (noun)
  • inopportunity (noun)
  • opportune (adjective)

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How is inopportune used in real life?

Inopportune is especially used to describe the word time or moment to indicate that it is the worst possible time for something to happen.



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A. inconvenient
B. perfect
C. unfortunate
D. inappropriate

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British Dictionary definitions for inopportune

/ (ɪnˈɒpəˌtjuːn) /


not opportune; inappropriate or badly timed

Derived forms of inopportune

inopportunely, adverbinopportuneness or inopportunity, noun
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