[ in-ter-med-l ]
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verb (used without object),in·ter·med·dled, in·ter·med·dling.
  1. to take part in a matter, especially officiously; meddle.

Origin of intermeddle

1350–1400; inter- + meddle; replacing Middle English entremedlen<Anglo-French entremedler,Old French entremesler

Other words from intermeddle

  • in·ter·med·dler, noun

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How to use intermeddle in a sentence

  • With it a stranger cannot intermeddle; it is unspeakable and full of glory!

  • Such is their situation that they cannot intermeddle with the concerns of their husbands, without exciting their jealousy.

  • Go to, sirrah, I will not have your kindness to intermeddle with her kind; she is meat for your master.

  • It was urged upon him that he should not intermeddle with foreign institutions or with the political predilections of individuals.

    The Felon's Track | Michael Doheny
  • I am, if I may say it with reverence, drawn in I hope by a good Providence to intermeddle on a noble and high argument.

    Andrew Marvell | Augustine Birrell

British Dictionary definitions for intermeddle


/ (ˌɪntəˈmɛdəl) /

  1. (intr) rare another word for meddle

Origin of intermeddle

C14 entremedle, from Anglo-Norman entremedler, from Old French; see inter- + meddle

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