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[ it-uh-rey-tiv, -er-uh-tiv ]


  1. repeating; making repetition; repetitious.
  2. relating to or noting a development strategy that involves a cyclical process of refining or tweaking the latest version or iteration of a product, process, or idea to make a subsequent version: The new restaurant finalized their menu after a year of diner feedback and iterative improvements.

    Website design is highly iterative.

    The new restaurant finalized their menu after a year of diner feedback and iterative improvements.

  3. Grammar. frequentative.


/ ˈɪtərətɪv /


  1. repetitious or frequent
  2. maths logic another word for recursive See recursive
  3. grammar another word for frequentative
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Derived Forms

  • ˈiterativeness, noun
  • ˈiteratively, adverb
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Other Words From

  • iter·ative·ly adverb
  • iter·ative·ness noun
  • un·iter·ative adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of iterative1

First recorded in 1450–1500; from Late Latin iterātīvum (verbum) “frequentative (verb).” See iterate, -ive
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Example Sentences

Popularized by venture capitalist Marc Andreesen, PMF captures the notion that the ability to create and capture value from an innovation depends on iterative learning and experimentation to find a magic combination of customer and product.

From Quartz

The work of using energy to stop weapons is hard, iterative, and frequently ends in failure.

It’s a complex system and requires a process of iterative debugging.

Sending dozens of iterative samples of a product around the country to all the people who need to approve it can be wasteful and time-consuming, Drexler said.

From Digiday

I’m just wondering about the iterative process ESO has found itself in and how much those updates were talked about early on.

He prefers a conversation, and conversations aren't etched in stone, they're iterative.

Studied verses undoubtedly—musical, and mournful, and iterative.

He knows his own mind, and hammers his doctrines out with a hard and iterative stroke that hits its mark.

The style is that of the pulpit, iterative, florid, and full of amplifications; but that was natural.