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[ jaw-bohn ]


  1. a bone of either jaw; a maxilla or mandible.
  2. the bone of the lower jaw; mandible.

verb (used with or without object)

, jaw·boned, jaw·bon·ing.
  1. Informal. to attempt to influence or pressure by persuasion rather than by the exertion of force or one's authority, as in urging voluntary compliance with economic guidelines:

    The president jawboned the steel industry into postponing price increases.


  1. Informal. obtained by or resorting to such a practice:

    jawbone controls.


/ ˈdʒɔːˌbəʊn /


  1. a nontechnical name for mandible maxilla


  1. to try to persuade or bring pressure to bear (on) by virtue of one's high office or position, esp in urging compliance with official policy

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Other Words From

  • jawboning noun adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of jawbone1

First recorded in 1480–90; jaw 1 + bone

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Example Sentences

Lizard-like features include scales and teeth attached directly to the jawbones.

Unlike mammals, reptiles and their close kin have a joint within their lower jawbone, or mandible.

This would have left the jawbone flexible, the simulation showed.

The skull and face bones, including the jawbone, were still articulated.

That stiffness stemmed from a boomerang-shaped bit of bone that braced what would have been an otherwise flexible jawbone, a new analysis suggests.

Sure, your cubicle mate, neighbor, and aunt all own a Fitbit or JawBone fitness tracker.

Unlike the wrist-only Jawbone Up or Fitbit, the shoelace clip helps it recognize almost any movement.

You wear a FitBit Flex, Jawbone Up, or Nike Fuel Band on your wrist, and go about your normal day.

From my neck to my temples, there is a throbbing soreness on both sides of my face, all radiating from the hinge of my jawbone.

Then, like a twist in a pulp thriller, the jawbone washed up on shore in Aruba.

Think of Samson, who slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass!

I have known rich Jawbone Janes to travel half across the continent to harangue a poor bunch of striking hunyaks.

Only as the challenged party I have the choice of weapons, and inasmuch as this is a hot day, I choose the jawbone.

Mr. Lesueur made a drawing of this jawbone, which is deposited in the library.

The wound in the neck, just beneath the jawbone, was still clasped by the hand of the unconscious man.