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[ lahyk-wahyz ]


  1. moreover; in addition; also; too:

    She is likewise a fine lawyer.

  2. in like manner; in the same way; similarly:

    I'm tempted to do likewise.


/ ˈlaɪkˌwaɪz /


  1. in addition; moreover; also
  2. in like manner; similarly
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Word History and Origins

Origin of likewise1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English; earlier in like wise “in a like way;” like 1, wise 2
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Example Sentences

With the 35th anniversary of other beloved franchises on the horizon — Zelda and Metroid, for a start — it is a legitimate worry that Nintendo may likewise let down the fan base.

A flat or saber-ground blade will likewise prioritize strength at the expense of cutting ability.

Cities and municipalities, which receive more than a trillion dollars in their own “own-source” revenue each year, are likewise facing budgetary nightmares.

From Fortune

Other countries likewise have suspected frozen food as a culprit in recent outbreaks.

From Fortune

Mousa likewise saw no shift in attitudes on the pre- and postsurveys among the Muslim players.

There were likewise people who could have mobilized actors, students, reform-minded Communists and even trade unionists.

And likewise the Easter bunny, a bizarre pagan myth if ever one there was.

Ergo, DAPA will cause another surge—and that future surge will likewise prove burdensome to Texas.

Likewise, it was the attempt to balance the power of rival European states that led to the conflict.

In Georgia, Senator-elect David Perdue likewise garnered more than 40 percent of the Latino vote.

Their discipline is admirable, but their natural disposition is likewise quiet and inoffensive.

If she have a tongue that can cure, and likewise mitigate and shew mercy: her husband is not like other men.

Inasmuch as that church has no cabildo, the task of its government devolved upon me, as does likewise that of Nueva Segovia.

Scratches and flaws in the glass of slide or cover are likewise a common source of confusion to beginners.

Likewise your Majesty will have shelter for his vessels, and a foothold in that country, which abounds with meat and rice.


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More About Likewise

What does likewise mean?

Likewise can mean also, in addition, moreover, similarly, or in the same way.

Likewise can also be used to mean something like “me too” or “the same thing you just said.” When used this way, it’s typically used by itself as a one-word response to a statement. For example, if someone says, “It was nice you meet you,” you could simply reply, “Likewise!”

Example: I think we work well together, and I hope you feel likewise.

Where does likewise come from?

The first records of likewise come from the 1400s. It’s a condensed form of the Late Middle English phrase in like wise, meaning “in a similar way.” The -wise part of the word doesn’t refer to wisdom but instead indicates a manner or position, as seen in words like otherwise.

Based on its meaning, likewise can be used in a sentence in various ways. Sometimes, it appears at the very beginning of a sentence in reference to the previous sentence, such as when it’s used to mean “similarly,” as in Most writers are avid readers. Likewise, most chefs love trying new foods. Sometimes, it’s used in the middle of the sentence, such as when it’s used to mean “also,” as in I hope this year is joyful and likewise brings you success. Sometimes, it comes at the end of a sentence, such as when it means something like “the same,” as in He said we should budget better and I feel likewise.

Commonly, likewise can stand on its own as a sentence substitute, meaning it can express a complete thought by itself. In this use, it is often intended to be polite or enthusiastic. For example, in response to a statement like I would love to get together for lunch soon, you could say Likewise! 

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How is likewise used in real life?

Likewise can be used in all different kinds of ways. It usually indicates some kind of agreement, similarity, or parallel situation.



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“I think we’d better head back before the sun sets,” Kate said.
Likewise,” Lauren said. “We don’t want to be out here in the dark.”




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