[ lahy-muh n ]
/ ˈlaɪ mən /

noun, plural li·mens, lim·i·na [lim-uh-nuh] /ˈlɪm ə nə/.

Origin of limen

First recorded in 1890–95, limen is from the Latin word līmen

Definition for limen (2 of 2)

[ li-mahn, -man ]
/ lɪˈmɑn, -ˈmæn /

noun Geology.

a muddy lagoon, marsh, or lake near the mouth of a river behind part of the delta and more or less protected from open water by a barrier or spit.
an area of mud or silt deposited near the mouth of a river.

Origin of liman

1855–60; < Russian limán estuary, coastal salt lake < Turkish or Crimean Tatar < Medieval Greek liménion, liménas (compare Greek limḗn harbor) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for limen

/ (ˈlaɪmɛn) /

noun plural limens or limina (ˈlɪmɪnə)

psychol another term for threshold (def. 4) See also liminal

Word Origin for limen

C19: from Latin
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Medicine definitions for limen

[ līmən ]

n. pl. li•mens

The threshold of a physiological or psychological response.
The external opening of a canal; an entrance.

Other words from limen

limi•nal (lĭmə-nəl) adj.
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