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  1. mathematics.
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Origin of math1

shortened form


noun British Dialect.
  1. a mowing.
  2. the crop mowed.
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Origin of math2

1575–85; probably back formation from aftermath; compare Old English mǣth; cognate with German Mahd


  1. an order of Hindu monks.
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Also ma·tha [muhth-uh] /ˈmʌθ ə/.

Origin of math3

First recorded in 1825–35, math is from the Sanskrit word maṭha hut


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  • The math is coming along so well with Taffy's help, keep on with it.


    Dorothy Whitehill

  • But that Math is right—it's got to be right, no other conclusion is possible.

    The Skylark of Space

    Edward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby

  • Tom was well-grounded in math, had to be for his job as pilot.

    Eight Keys to Eden

    Mark Irvin Clifton

  • But not being a math expert, he had never missed not being allowed to see them.

    Next Door, Next World

    Robert Donald Locke

  • “Try Joe Pepper's room; he's in math recitation,” said Jenk suddenly.

British Dictionary definitions for math


  1. US and Canadian informal short for mathematics Brit equivalent: maths
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abbreviation for
  1. mathematics
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Word Origin and History for math


American English shortening of mathematics, 1890; the British preference, maths, is attested from 1911.

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"a mowing," Old English mæð "mowing, cutting of grass," from Proto-Germanic *mediz (cf. Old Frisian meth, Old High German mad, German Mahd "mowing, hay crop"), from PIE *me- "to cut down grass or grain with a sickle or scythe" (see mow).

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