[ mach-uh-rey-shuhn ]
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  1. the process of becoming mature, ripe, fully aged or developed, etc.: Maturation of the wine takes place in high-quality oak barrels.Making and breaking relationships is part of a young person’s normal maturation.

  2. Cell Biology.

    • the end of the process by which cells or tissues change from relatively generalized to highly specialized: The maturation of pancreatic beta cells enables them to respond with specialized accuracy to glucose levels.

    • the transformation of an immature egg or sperm cell into a gamete ready to unite with another to form a new organism, especially the part of the process that occurs after meiosis: In some species, if the animal is starving, egg cell maturation is blocked so that reproduction cannot take place.

  1. Pathology. the stage at which a wound, boil, etc., produces pus; suppuration.

Origin of maturation

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English: “suppuration,” from Medieval Latin mātūrātiōn-, stem of mātūrātiō; equivalent to maturate + -ion

Other words from maturation

  • mat·u·ra·tion·al, adjective
  • non·mat·u·ra·tion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for maturation


/ (ˌmætjʊˈreɪʃən, ˌmætʃʊ-) /

  1. the process of maturing or ripening

  2. zoology the development of ova and spermatozoa from precursor cells in the ovary and testis, involving meiosis

  1. a less common word for suppuration

Derived forms of maturation

  • maturational, adjective

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