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[ muh-choor-i-tee, -toor-, -tyoor-, -chur- ]


  1. the state of being mature; ripeness:

    The fruit will reach maturity in a few days.

  2. full development; perfected condition:

    maturity of judgment; to bring a plan to maturity.

  3. Finance.
    1. the state of being due:

      There is always the danger that if you have to sell your home before maturity of your mortgage, you won't net enough cash from the sale to repay the loan in full.

    2. maturity date ( def ):

      The loan has reached its maturity and must be paid back in full.

    3. Usually maturities. bonds and other investments having a fixed term:

      Some investors prefer short-term maturities to avoid tying up their money for a long period.


/ -ˈtʃʊə-; məˈtjʊərɪtɪ /


  1. the state or quality of being mature; full development
  2. finance
    1. the date upon which a bill of exchange, bond, note, etc, becomes due for repayment
    2. the state of a bill, note, etc, when due

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Other Words From

  • non·ma·tu·ri·ty noun
  • o·ver·ma·tu·ri·ty noun
  • sem·i·ma·tu·ri·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of maturity1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English maturite, from Middle French maturite or directly from Latin mātūritāt-, stem of mātūritās “ripeness, full development”; mature, -ity

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Example Sentences

This is, once again, not surprising, but it’s a reminder that subtle differences in age matter when you’re comparing young people who haven’t reached physical maturity.

Sometimes she gets really, really high or low, and that comes with maturity.

Enders’s joining the Lilium board is a sign of the growing maturity of flying-car startups.

From Fortune

Here he was again Sunday morning, back in South Florida, on the video conference in a square adjacent to the square of Ohio State Coach Ryan Day, with Saban saying, “Our team has shown a lot of maturity and perseverance throughout the season.”

A democracy’s maturity and solidity, however, is measured by its institutions’ capacity to resist these claims of democracy’s destruction.

The court ruled she lacked the maturity to make her own medical decisions.

There are those, however, who don't equate sangfroid and good manners with maturity.

Sometimes when tensions run high, even our esteemed elders show a certain lack of maturity.

Never before have the issues facing so many black women been explored with such unapologetic honesty or such clear-cut maturity.

The Silicon Valley electric car manufacturer has plowed through its adolescence and is showing signs of maturity.

It happened that an unusually large crop had been planted and was approaching maturity at the moment of the outbreak of the war.

He realized for the first time what a prop and resource the deep maturity and scornful strength of his mother had been.

Blossoms and fruit in full maturity are found upon the trees at the same time, and hence the harvest lasts nearly the whole year.

The flavor was exceedingly fine, but it had not been allowed to come to maturity, hence it was thin and shriveled.

The seed is sown in August, and the seedlings are transplanted in November, the crop arriving at maturity in three or four months.


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More About Maturity

What does maturity mean?

Maturity is the state of having reached a stage of full or advanced development.

Maturity is a noun form of mature, which is commonly used as an adjective generally meaning fully developed (as a verb, mature generally means to fully develop). If a person shows or has maturity, they are mature, meaning they act grown-up. When an animal has reached maturity, it has reached adulthood. When a fruit has reached maturity, it’s ripe.

Maturity is also used in the context of finance to refer to the state of something being due for repayment, such as a bond.

Example: Some of my students show maturity, but the rest of them act like preschoolers.

Where does maturity come from?

The first records of mature and maturity come from the 1400s. Both ultimately derive from the Latin word mātūrus, meaning “‘ripe,” “timely,” or “early.” The suffix -ity is used to make adjectives into nouns, as in words like purity (meaning “the state of being pure”).

Maturity is perhaps most often applied to people—typically to discuss whether they have it or they don’t. Someone with maturity is responsible and grown-up—they act in a way that’s mature. The opposite is immaturity. Though immaturity is often associated with youth and a lack of experience, you don’t have to be any particular age to show maturity (but at the very least you do have to act your age).

When a bond reaches maturity, it means it’s ready to pay out. If you cash it out before it reaches maturity, you won’t get the full amount. If you have the patience to wait, you’ll get the most out of it—kind of like waiting to eat a fruit until it reaches maturity (becomes ripe). Good news—patience is a sign of maturity.

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What are some other forms of maturity?

  • mature (adjective)
  • immaturity (noun)
  • nonmaturity (noun)
  • overmaturity (noun)
  • semimaturity (noun)

What are some synonyms for maturity?

What are some words that share a root or word element with maturity

What are some words that often get used in discussing maturity?

How is maturity used in real life?

Maturity can be used in many different ways. Most of the time it’s used in reference to people, animals, plants, or money.



Try using maturity!

Which of the following sentences does NOT use maturity correctly?

A. You can tell that strawberries have reached maturity when they’re bright red with green leaves.
B. Your maturity in class today was unacceptable—please try to act more grown-up.
C. You should wait to cash in the bond until it reaches full maturity.

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