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[ mee-dee-ey-shuhn ]


  1. action in mediating between parties, as to effect an agreement or reconciliation.
  2. International Law. an attempt to effect a peaceful settlement between disputing nations through the friendly good offices of another power.


/ ˌmiːdɪˈeɪʃən /


  1. the act of mediating; intercession
  2. international law an attempt to reconcile disputed matters arising between states, esp by the friendly intervention of a neutral power
  3. a method of resolving an industrial dispute whereby a third party consults with those involved and recommends a solution which is not, however, binding on the parties
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  1. The attempt to settle a dispute through a neutral party.

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Other Words From

  • nonme·di·ation noun
  • subme·di·ation noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of mediation1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Medieval Latin mediātiōn-, stem of mediātiō “division in the middle, intervention,” from mediāt(us) “divided in the middle” (past participle of mediāre; mediate ) + -iō -ion
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Synonym Study

Mediation, arbitration designate processes for bringing about agreement or reconciliation between opponents in a dispute. Mediation implies deliberation that results in solutions that may or may not be accepted by the contending parties. Arbitration involves a more formal deliberation, it being understood that the results will be binding on the contending parties.
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Example Sentences

The commission could bring a case on her behalf against Golf Channel, take the case to mediation or dismiss it and give her a right-to-sue letter.

If a deal can’t be reached, the law calls for mediation to determine how much the platforms must pay publishers.

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The news organizations then filed an appeal in February and entered into mediation with the state.

Paoletta said they have even witnessed family mediations via the team’s handwritten letters.

Landlords can choose to work with residents outside of court or use mediation services, such as the Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center, according to local tenant advocate attorneys, but state law does not require them to do so.

Late last year, she started to meet with the foster parents for monthly mediation sessions.

For pages on end it is a compelling mediation on belief, betrayal, and grief.

The U.S. could play a crucial role here in dispatching issue experts and other support to whatever mediation effort unfolds.

ISIS provides social services such as conflict mediation as well.

Why, given the history of U.S. mediation, should anyone be anything but skeptical and cynical of the “peace process?”

In what way does assimilation involve the mediation of individual differences?

However, Moses' mediation consisted only in changing the tone of the Law to make it more tolerable to the people.

There is a confused rumor here of a mediation of Russia and Holland, but I am persuaded without foundation.

At the last moment, diplomatic mediation on the part of England and France succeeded in averting war.

A good choice—seconds not given to mediation, will attempt no friendly settlement on the ground.'


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More About Mediation

What does mediation mean?

Mediation is the act or process of mediating—helping to settle a dispute or create agreement when there is conflict between two or more people or groups by acting as an intermediary or go-between for those parties.

A person who acts as an intermediary or go-between in this way can be called a mediator. Mediation always involves a mediator acting as an impartial third party to guide the communication between the conflicting parties.

Sometimes, mediation happens in an informal way. You might help two friends participate in an informal mediation to help settle an argument. But the word is perhaps most commonly used in more specific ways in formal situations, such as mediation between a company and its striking employees or mediation between spouses who are getting divorced.

When mediation occurs in an official or legal context, such as when it has been ordered by a judge, it is often called arbitration. Arbitration usually involves a decision that the parties are bound by. Mediation is typically less formal and usually involves suggestions for settling differences, as opposed to binding decisions.

Example: I know you two have your differences, so I recommend engaging in some formal mediation to see if you can come to an understanding.

Where does mediation come from?

The first records of the word mediation come from the 1300s. It ultimately comes from the Latin verb mediāre, meaning “to be in the middle” or “to intercede.” The words intermediary and medium are related.

Mediation involves a third party interceding in the middle of a conflict. This person, called a mediator, is not there to take sides but instead to help promote agreement or reconciliation. In other words, the point of mediation is to find common ground so that there is no longer a need for a mediator. Successful mediation often involves compromise.

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