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  1. a person who mediates, especially between parties at variance.

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Other Words From

  • medi·ator·ship noun
  • under·medi·ator noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mediator1

First recorded in 1250–1300; from Anglo-French mediatur, Old French mediatour, from Latin mediātor “go-between, intermediary”; mediate, -tor

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Example Sentences

If you have trouble transferring files between your Android and Apple devices, enlist the help of a mediator—namely, your computer.

There has been some level of outreach to former President Hamid Karzai and former Afghan peace delegation leader Abdullah Abdullah, who have sought to be mediators.

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In fact, a 2020 study published in PNAS found that chronic stress can increase blood-brain barrier “leakiness,” allowing for greater permeation by the very mediators that affect our mental state.

The new franchise agreement spells out a “dispute resolution clause,” which means instead of suing each other every time there’s a problem, the parties must first work through a neutral mediator.

If they develop entanglement, then you can conclude something very strong about the mediator that causes the entanglement, which is gravity.

In his statement, Rigi named Naser Boledi as a main mediator between him and representatives of NATO.

His former classmate, Justin Rudelson, said that event was evidence that Geithner “was always the natural mediator.”

I may it clear that I have no authority to wade into conflicts between parents, and my role is not that of mediator.

But exacting concessions from the mediator is not the point.

After all, can there be any hope for peace through unbalanced negotiations led by a biased mediator?

It is dependent on that covenant as made with the Mediator, and consistent with it as established with men.

Believers, as a people who would Covenant and fulfil their obligations, were given to the Mediator in the everlasting covenant.

Whatever he did as Mediator or Surety, must, therefore, have been done in connection with the covenant.

The blood of sacrifice was typical at once of the blood of the Mediator, and of his death as the great Testator.

Besides, that oath was sworn to him as not merely a priest, but as the Surety and Mediator of the new covenant.


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More About Mediator

What does mediator mean?

A mediator is a person who mediates—helps to settle a dispute or create agreement when there is conflict between two or more people or groups by acting as an intermediary or go-between for those parties.

The act or process of mediating is called mediation. Mediation always involves a mediator acting as an impartial third party to guide the communication between the conflicting parties.

Sometimes, mediation happens in an informal way. You might act as a mediator for two friends by mediating their argument. But the word is perhaps most commonly used in more specific ways in formal situations, such as when a mediator mediates a labor dispute between a company and its striking employees or when a mediator mediates a divorce for two spouses.

When mediation occurs in an official or legal context, such as when it has been ordered by a judge, it is often called arbitration and is performed by an arbitrator. Arbitration usually involves a decision that the parties are bound by. Mediation is typically less formal and usually involves suggestions for settling differences, as opposed to binding decisions.

Example: I know you two have your differences, so I’d like to act as a mediator while you talk it out and try to come to an understanding.

Where does mediator come from?

The first records of the word mediator come from the 1200s. It comes from the Latin verb mediāre, meaning “to be in the middle” or “to intercede.” The words intermediary and medium are related. The suffix -tor is used to indicate a person who performs a certain action—in this case, the action of mediating.

Being a mediator involves interceding in the middle of a conflict. A mediator is not there to take sides but instead to help promote agreement or reconciliation. In other words, the point of being a mediator is to help find common ground so that there is no longer a need to mediate. Successful mediation often involves compromise.

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How is mediator used in real life?

The word mediator can be used in both formal and informal contexts, but it always involves someone acting to help two parties who are in conflict.



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