[ mahyld ]
/ maɪld /

adjective, mild·er, mild·est.


British. beer that has a blander taste than bitter.

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Origin of mild

before 900; Middle English, Old English milde; cognate with German mild; akin to Greek malthakós soft

1. soft, pleasant. See gentle. 3. temperate, moderate, clement. 4. bland.

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/ (maɪld) /


(of a taste, sensation, etc) not powerful or strong; blanda mild curry
gentle or temperate in character, climate, behaviour, etc
not extreme; moderatea mild rebuke
feeble; unassertive


British draught beer, of darker colour than bitter and flavoured with fewer hops
Derived Formsmildly, adverbmildness, noun

Word Origin for mild

Old English milde; compare Old Saxon mildi, Old Norse mildr

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