/ ˌmɪnɪməˈlɪstɪk /


  1. NEW.FOR.DICT.COM (of an artistic style) using simple elements with little embellishment

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Example Sentences

Underneath minimalistic names like Detox and Cleanse, enticing descriptions of the fluid medicine bags help narrow the choices.

No word yet on who will be designing her minimalistic wedding dress and if it will made of black leather.


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More About Minimalistic

What does minimalistic mean?

Minimalistic is used to describe something that is stripped down to its most essential elements or uses only what is needed.

Minimalistic is used in a specific sense to refer to a type of art and in a more general sense to describe a kind of design or style, or even a lifestyle. Minimalistic art involves artwork that is stripped down to its most basic components, without embellishment. More generally, a minimalistic design or style is one that uses a few simple elements to achieve the maximum effect.

Example: Jane says she likes to decorate her home in a minimalistic style, but to me it just looks like she’s missing a lot of furniture.

Where does minimalistic come from?

Minimalistic and its related forms come from the adjective minimal, which means “least possible.” Minimal is ultimately derived from the Latin minimus, meaning “smallest.” Minimalistic is recorded in English by the 1940s.

Minimalistic is associated with the Minimalism art movement that developed in the 1960s. The movement valued radical simplicity (like a painting of a single color) to prevent outside meaning being imposed on the artwork.

In design and architecture, a minimalistic look consists of a neutral color palette, bare walls, and little furniture. Someone who leads a minimalistic lifestyle has chosen to have very few possessions, adhering to the motto “less is more.”

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How is minimalistic used in real life?

Minimalistic can be used to describe anything that has been stripped down or simplified to its essential components, including music, visual art, or a lifestyle.



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