[ nek-ruh-man-see ]
/ ˈnɛk rəˌmæn si /
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a method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art.
magic in general, especially that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration.



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Origin of necromancy

First recorded in 1250–1300; necro- + -mancy; replacing Middle English nigromancie, from Medieval Latin nigromantīa for Late Latin necromantīa, from Greek nekromanteía; by folk etymology nigro- (combining form of Latin niger “black”) was substituted in Medieval Latin for the original necro-
2. See magic.
nec·ro·man·cer, nounnec·ro·man·tic [nek-ruh-man-tik] /ˌnɛk rəˈmæn tɪk/ Obsolete, nec·ro·man·ti·cal, adjectivenec·ro·man·ti·cal·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for necromancy

/ (ˈnɛkrəʊˌmænsɪ) /


the art or practice of supposedly conjuring up the dead, esp in order to obtain from them knowledge of the future
black magic; sorcery
necromancer, nounnecromantic, adjective
C13: (as in sense 1) ultimately from Greek nekromanteia, from nekros corpse; (as in sense 2) from Medieval Latin nigromantia, from Latin niger black, which replaced necro- through folk etymology
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