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  1. foul-smelling
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Word Origin for olid

C17: from Latin olidus, from olēre to smell
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Related Words for olid

disagreeable, putrid, tainted, musty, smelly, moldy, stale, fetid, soured, polluted, contaminated, noxious, stinking, funky, rancid, gross, off, offensive, disgusting, revolting

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Historical Examples of olid

  • Olid lost his life in this attempt; and Corts determined to go himself to Honduras.


    Susan Hale

  • Olid, Leon, and others who were present begged Cortes to be considerate.

    The Fair God

    Lew Wallace

  • Sandoval was to command on the north, Alvarado on the west, and Olid on the south.

    Hernando Cortez

    John S. C. Abbott

  • At the mouth of this river Olid had established one of his important settlements.

    Hernando Cortez

    John S. C. Abbott

  • They may have been Dorian houses, like the olid houses; and the name may have become tribal afterwards, when they rose to power.