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  1. any terrestrial or epiphytic plant of the family Orchidaceae, of temperate and tropical regions, having usually showy flowers.: Compare orchid family.

  2. the flower of any of these plants.

  1. a bluish to reddish purple.

Origin of orchid

1835–45; <New Latin Orchideae (later Orchidaceae) family name, equivalent to Latin orch(is) a plant (see orchis) + -ideae, irregular suffix (cf. -idae); see -id2

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  1. variant of orchido- before a vowel: orchidology.

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How to use orchid in a sentence

  • In some, waves of silk and ribbon broke over shores of imitation moss from which ravishing hats rose like tropical orchids.

    Summer | Edith Wharton
  • There was a profusion of silver, very beautiful glass, and a wonderful cluster of orchids.

    The Double Four | E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Th' ammunition hoists ar-re filled with American beauty roses an' orchids.

    Mr. Dooley Says | Finley Dunne
  • At the last minute the table had had to be redecorated, because Ferdie had been seized with a desire to have orchids.

    Happy House | Betsey Riddle, Freifrau von Hutten zum Stolzenberg
  • Marquis Gonzaga sent me the loveliest bunch of flowers, great orchids tied with a beautiful ribbon.

    Polly the Pagan | Isabel Anderson

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/ (ˈɔːkɪd) /

  1. any terrestrial or epiphytic plant of the family Orchidaceae, often having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colours, specialized for pollination by certain insects: See bee orchid, burnt-tip orchid, fly orchid, frog orchid, lady orchid, lizard orchid, man orchid, monkey orchid, purple-fringed orchid, pyramidal orchid, scented orchid, spider orchid, spotted orchid

Origin of orchid

C19: from New Latin Orchideae; see orchis

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