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noun Informal.
an outgoing, gregarious person with good communication skills.
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Origin of people person

First recorded in 1965–70
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What is a people person?

A people person is someone who is outgoing and is really good at socializing with other people, as in Ryan is great at making friends because he is a real people person. 

When used as a plural noun, people person becomes people persons, as in The company is looking for people persons to fill their sales positions. However, the plural form is rarely used.

Example: I don’t like going to parties because I’m not a people person. 

Where does people person come from?

The first records of the phrase people person come from around 1966. It is used similarly to terms like cat person (someone who likes cats) or morning person (someone who likes mornings), which refer to someone who enjoys a particular thing. In this case, a people person is a person who likes other people.

The phrase people person is used to refer to someone who is outgoing and sociable. You might also call them an extrovert. In particular, people person is often used to describe people who are great communicators or who are very charismatic.

People person is considered an informal term and is more likely to be used in casual speech, light-hearted news stories, or job advertisements.

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How is people person used in real life?

People person is a common phrase that is used to describe outgoing people who are great talkers.

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Which of the following words would NOT be a synonym for people person?

A. outgoing
B. gregarious
C. extroverted
D. shy

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