in Irish music, "harp tune of a sportive and animated character" [OED], 1790, of unknown origin, evidently not a native Irish word; some suggest ultimate derivation from Latin plangere "to strike, beat" (see plague (n.)). See also [Katrin Thier, "Of Picts and Penguins -- Celtic Languages in the New Edition of the OED," in "The Celtic Languages in Contact," 2007.

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Historical Examples of planxty

  • She was in her mood of Planxty Kelly and Garryowen all the way.

  • She rose on the morning of her marriage day with his favourite Planxty Kelly at her lips, a natural bubble of the notes.

  • So, they up and axed him, in the civilest way they could, if he'd favor them with a planxty on his pipes.

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