[ pluhg-in ]
/ ˈplʌgˌɪn /
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capable of or designed for being connected to an electrical power source by plugging in or inserting: a plug-in hair dryer;a plug-in transistor.
a plug-in appliance.
Computers. a small software program that builds additional functionality into a stand-alone computer application: Your web browser can’t display this video without a plug-in.
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Origin of plug-in

First recorded in 1920–25; adjective and noun use of verb phrase plug in
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British Dictionary definitions for plug-in

plug in

(tr, adverb) to connect (an electrical appliance) with a power source by means of an electrical plug
noun plug-in
a device that can be connected by means of a plug
computing a module or piece of software that can be added to a system to provide extra functions or features, esp software that enhances the capabilities of a web browser
computing (as modifier)plug-in memory cards
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Scientific definitions for plug-in

[ plŭgĭn′ ]

An accessory software or hardware package that is used in conjunction with an existing application or device to extend its capabilities or provide additional functions.
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