a brand of material for producing polarized light from unpolarized light by dichroism, consisting typically of a stretched sheet of colorless plastic treated with an iodine solution so as to have long, thin, parallel chains of polymeric molecules containing conductive iodine atoms. It is used widely in optical and lighting devices to reduce glare.
Also called Polaroid Camera, Polaroid Land Camera. the first brand of instant camera, developed by Edwin H. Land and marketed since 1948.
Also called Polaroid print. a print made by such a camera.

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  • The Polaroid concept changed this to a different query: What can it do for me?

  • The advantage of the Polaroid camera is that the picture can be seen within seconds.

    The Flying Stingaree

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • He moved to the round window, screening his eyes from the light, and adjusted the polaroid shade to maximum density.

    All Day September

    Roger Kuykendall

  • The only non-standard feature seemed to be the polaroid glass windows which were provided all around and not only in front.

    The Brain

    Alexander Blade

  • Mrs. Ericson adjusted her polaroid glasses and waved her rickshaw boy into his harness, where his thighs tensed for the long haul.

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trademark a type of plastic sheet that can polarize a transmitted beam of normal light because it is composed of long parallel molecules. It only transmits plane-polarized light if these molecules are parallel to the plane of polarization and, since reflected light is partly polarized, it is often used in sunglasses to eliminate glare
Polaroid Land Camera any of several types of camera yielding a finished print by means of a special developing and processing technique that occurs inside the camera and takes only a few seconds to complete
(plural) sunglasses with lenses made from Polaroid plastic


of, relating to, using, or used in a Polaroid Land CameraPolaroid film
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material which in thin sheets produces a high degree of plane polarization of light passing through it, 1936, proprietary name (Sheet Polarizer Co., Union City, N.J.). As a type of camera producing prints rapidly, it is attested from 1961.

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