[ pruh-mis-kyoo-uhs ]
/ prəˈmɪs kyu əs /

WATCH NOW: Why Is The Word "Promiscuous" Mostly Used For Women?

WATCH NOW: Why Is The Word "Promiscuous" Mostly Used For Women?

The word promiscuous seems only ever to describe two things. First, sex, and second, women. Is promiscuous just a dressed-up attempt to avoid words like slutty or whore?



characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.
consisting of parts, elements, or individuals of different kinds brought together without order.
indiscriminate; without discrimination.
casual; irregular; haphazard.

Origin of promiscuous

1595–1605; < Latin prōmiscuus mixed up, equivalent to prō- pro-1 + misc(ēre) to mix + -uus deverbal adj. suffix; see -ous

SYNONYMS FOR promiscuous

2 hodgepodge, confused, mixed, jumbled. See miscellaneous.
3 careless.

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British Dictionary definitions for promiscuous

/ (prəˈmɪskjʊəs) /


indulging in casual and indiscriminate sexual relationships
consisting of a number of dissimilar parts or elements mingled in a confused or indiscriminate manner
indiscriminate in selection
casual or heedless

Derived forms of promiscuous

promiscuously, adverbpromiscuousness, noun

Word Origin for promiscuous

C17: from Latin prōmiscuus indiscriminate, from pro- 1 + miscēre to mix
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