[ pruh-poh-nuhnt ]
/ prəˈpoʊ nənt /


a person who puts forward a proposition or proposal.
a person who argues in favor of something; an advocate.
a personwho supports a cause or doctrine; adherent.
a person who propounds a legal instrument, such as a will for probate.

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Origin of proponent

First recorded in 1580–90, proponent is from the Latin word prōpōnent- (stem of prōpōnēns). See propone, -ent

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/ (prəˈpəʊnənt) /


a person who argues in favour of something
law a person who seeks probate of a will

Word Origin for proponent

C16: from Latin prōpōnere to propose

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Word Origin and History for proponent



1580s, "one who brings forth a proposition or argument," from Latin proponentem (nominative proponens), present participle of proponere "put forward" (see propound). In part also a native formation from propone. As an adjective from 1680s.

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