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[ pyoor-lee ]


  1. in a pure manner; without admixture.
  2. purely accidental.

  3. innocently, virtuously, or chastely.


/ ˈpjʊəlɪ /


  1. in a pure manner
  2. entirely

    purely by chance

  3. in a chaste or innocent manner

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Word History and Origins

Origin of purely1

First recorded in 1250–1300, purely is from the Middle English word purliche; pure, -ly

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Example Sentences

It also provides cover to House GOP members to say they are voting to support Greene purely to keep Democrats from abusing their power as the majority.

From Vox

When you think of content as being purely acquisitional, you become blinded by the drug that is acquisition.

This isn’t to say the US would use AI for purely ethical purposes.

Sure, the best conferences still win on great speakers and actionable takeaways, but following an in-person playbook for online events falls short of leveraging what a purely digital medium offers.

The Tesla CEO agreed to receive no salary or bonuses in exchange for a purely performance-based compensation plan.

From Quartz

Indeed, as an almost purely advisory firm, Lazard is (appropriately) barely affected by the Dodd-Frank reforms.

Traditionally, popular history is almost purely driven by narrative.

The Samaritan guidelines are written around the assumption that suicide is a purely irrational act, an act spurred by illness.

Purely by chance, Anna Coren had landed in Sydney just as the chocolate shop siege began.

For starters, from a purely practical, all-hands-on-deck position, I say if you can do the job, you should keep the job.

Here, as in so many of these childish admirations, we have to do not with a purely æsthetic perception.

In the preceding chapter an examination has been made of the purely mechanical side of the era of machine production.

True, she had taken a lively interest in all her brother's curates, but it was always a professional interest and purely Platonic.

His ambition is a purely selfish one, while mine is distinctly benevolent.

Our existing poverty is purely a problem in the direction and distribution of human effort.





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